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Off Course All Fresh Seafood offers Free Shipping Doesn’t Everyone these days…
But let’s get serious – who can wait…our next day rates are more than 50% off!

Free Shipping: 2nd Day Air – Arrival Days Wednesday – Friday (please specify your desired arrival day) or Free shipping Next day with orders over $200.

Info about free shipping:
We are happy to announce Free Shipping in “Most” zip codes in the Contiguous United States by 2nd Day Air.

Your Order will arrive with a generous portion of dry Ice in our Eco-Friendly sustainable cooler made by Kodiakotton. Your products will be riding in high-style & arrive in pristine condition.

Next Day Shipping: Arrival Days Tuesday – Friday
Sorry Seafood Lovers, at this time Saturday is not an option – due to our experience we have elected to not offer this service – we want to remain friends.

Next Day Tiers:

Overnight Shipping
$0.00 - $74.99$35.00
$75.00 - $150.00$40.00
$151.00 - $199.00$45.00
$200+ Free

2nd Day Tiers:

Overnight Shipping
$0.00 - $40.00$25.00
$40.01 - $98.99$30.00
$99.00 +Free

a close up of a sign