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"Everything looks fresh. Questions are answered right away. Delivery on time."

Remia L. 

"...Good family owned business. The order was perfect. Beautiful pieces of wild salmon, tuna and sea bass. Also very tasty, just seared a piece of the salmon for lunch; great flavor, skin crisped perfectly. Their prepared food is simply delicious. Family loves the dumplings, Israeli salad and the salmon meatballs are some of our favorites. Can't wait to see what they have fresh for next weeks order!"

Marc G. 

"This place is perfect"

Maurice P.

"My absolute favorite place for fish and seafood." 

Susan M. 

"I am eating your crab cake it's a lot of crab meat."

Patricia M.

"[Pescatore DIY Sushi Omakase Box] was awesome. The fish was fantastic...we will definitely order again."

Adrienne K. 

"Everything was fresh and amazing. Highly recommend."

Charlotte B. 

"Delicious seafood, on-time delivery!"

Joan L. 

"I have been ordering... since the start of COVID and will continue even after this is over...My family has enjoyed the fish...Putting together my next order!!!"

Nicole H.

"The order came exactly on time, protected with ice, and fresh and delicious."

Alice B. New York, NY

"Everything is so fresh. It was raining and the delivery was an hour late. But still, amazing as always."

Maurice P. New York, NY

"Best seafood in NYC"

Robert H. New York, NY

"Everything was great! Delivered on time with an ice pack! Thanks!"

Joan L. New York, NY

"Everything was fresh and delivered right on time."

Alice B. New York, NY

"Fresh, prompt, clean, and delicious!"

Patricia R. New York, NY

"They are always great with the freshest fish."

Loren R. 

"The quality and freshness of the seafood is consistently awesome!"

David B. New York, NY

"Always great quality and taste -"

Adrian G. New York, NY

"We've ordered from Pescatore several times and are generally happy with the quality. With the exception of the halibut which was mediocre, everything else we ordered this week was good."

Kathy P. New York, NY

"Fantastic quality ! The wild prawns were fabulous"

David B. New York, NY

"Food was fresh and delicious and order came exactly on time. Best delivery service we have used."

Alice B. New York, NY

"We have been satisfied patrons of Pescatore pre Covid19, and this was our first experience with delivery. The order was perfectly executed and packaged. There were a few questions pre-ordering and a short phone call was met with a helpful response and a "thank you for supporting us". Delivery was prompt and contactless to our apartment door downtown. They even included a complimentary side dish with a note of thanks. Class act!!"

Martin E. New York, NY

"amazing as always"

Maurice P. 

"The cooked soft shell crabs were delicious. They could not provide the fresh ones I hoped for but offered the cooked ones instead and included a gift some roasted vegetables"

Carolyn C. 

"Wonderful seared tuna, but the Asian Summer Slaw wasn't Asian - just Summer Slaw with different ingredients. It was ok but a bit soggy and too sweet."

Joan L. New York, NY

"The seafood salad and soft shell crabs were excellent and fresh. However, one of the crabs was not cleaned."

Lois W. New York, NY

"Love the lobster and cauliflower cakes!! And the dumplings are delicious. Thank you!"

Nancy H. New York, NY

"Have been ordering from Pescatore for about a month now and the orders are always on time and just as ordered, and the quality top notch. Yesterday there was a little hiccup that was entirely the fault of Mercato, and not only did Pescatore step in and correct it, but everyone whom I spoke to, from the sales associate to the owner, was gracious and followed up until my order was perfect. Strong recommend!"

Judi R. New York, NY

"Second time ordering from Pescatore Seafood and second very good experience. And delivery was on time."

Jovita W. New York, NY

"Delicious and fresh seafood. Ordered the soft shell crabs, which we ended up frying, and the Yellowfin Tuna, which we eat as sashimi. Wonderful experience."

Ixchel B. New York, NY

"Wonderful quality - as usual!"

David B. New York, NY

"The quality and freshness of the fish were superb - we can’t wait until our next delivery."

David B. New York, NY

"As before, rapid delivery of everything I ordered. Can’t ask for more."

Douglas K. New York, NY

"Excellent quality food. Easy quick delivery process"

Debra S. New York, NY

"We had one oyster that was dead; but otherwise-- a fantastic order as usual!! It was my daughter's birthday and she just LOVED her special seafood dinner. Love you guys, thank you."

Christine N. New York, NY

"Amazing as always!"

Michelle T. New York, NY

"Top notch, great quality. They even threw in a seafood salad container for free (thank you!)"

Michael L. New York, NY

"All of the fish we've ordered from Pescatore has been super-fresh and exceptional! HIGHLY recommend!"

Rebecca H. New York, NY

"On time. Climbed the 5 flights to deliver."

Susan S. New York, NY

"I had been craving seafood for weeks, and Mercato and Pescatore have delivered beyond my expectations! The delivery process was efficient and informative. I ordered a whole red snapper, Arctic char, cod, PEI mussels - all very fresh and tasty! I have yet to try my scallops and crab cakes, but the scallops look and smell fresh. Thank you for fulfilling my seafood fix! I’m looking forward to ordering your soft shell crabs next week!"

Nicole B. New York, NY

"Delicious salmon and crab cakes!!!"

Debra S. New York, NY


Irwin W. New York, NY

"The salmon we ordered was absolutely beautiful and delicious. We were blown away. THANK YOU! And thank you for the little extra treat and handwritten note you included in our order. Touching."

Rebecca H. New York, NY

"Order was received exactly as placed and during the time I selected. The fish is delicious and well packaged. Very helpful to find good fish and have it delivered especially during the virus lock down. Will definitely order again from Pescatore via Mercato."

Cheryl F. New York, NY

"Salmon was gorgeous cooked it for my mom haven’t eaten it but I will order again. Chicken breasts way too huge but they look nice just way too big. Everything arrived on time with very nice courteous delivery person Thank you"

Ilene S. New York, NY

"Always fresh and good quality seafood. Love the prepared items too."

Lisa F. New York, NY

"Everything was perfect and we look forward to enjoying the food this week."

Adrian G. New York, NY

"Everything was fine . Thank you."

Lana G. New York, NY

"As usual the salmon was very fresh. I also had an opportunity to try their shrimp salad which was also very good. The delivery went smoothly this time since I corrected my last mistake of clicking on the wrong address."

Brian F. New York, NY

"fish so fresh love this place!!!"

Maurice P. New York, NY

"Seafood was delicious and delivery came exactly when promised!"

Ken k. New York, NY

"Very pleased with the great fish and vegetables."

Mary A. New York, NY

"Pescatore's Salmon was fresh and delicious as always. This was my first delivery with mercato and it went smoothly even though the delivery man had to phone me since I I screwed up putting in my address. When I typed in the my address the web site offered a pull down menu and I must have clicked the wrong choice which replaced the correct address which I had typed. When the delivery man came he showed me that the address was wrong and when I checked the web site I found out he was correct. I am very glad he phoned me and got the right address. Even with me steering him, at first, to a wrong address the overall delivery was fast and still in the time range of the delivery. I will certainly use this service again."

Brian F. New York, NY

"As always, great products. Thanks for calling with suggestions for out of stock items!"

Arthur E. New York, NY

"Everything was fresh and first rate and exactly what we ordered."

Loren R. New York, NY

"Everything was good. Excellent food and ontime delivery"

Edward D. New York, NY

"As always, the fish was fresh and delicious."

Constance A. New York, NY

"Excellent quality!"

Arthur E. New York, NY

"Service was great. Surprise gift shrimp salad was great. Crab cakes delicious. Shrimp dumplings-so so. Israeli salad terrific. Clam chowder was good."

Debra S. New York, NY

"Food came on time. We were warned that the amounts we ordered had to be adjusted. I did receive the largest red pepper I had ever seen which was pricey because of size! It will go into several stirfries and salads."

Elizabeth M. New York, NY

"this is such a find for me. the quality and service are amazing. here’s hoping you still do deliveries after this nightmare. Thank You"

Debra P. New York, NY

"beautiful quality. will certainly order again."

Barbara I. New York, NY

"Great service by Pescatore Seafood Co. We had questions which they were very efficient to answer over the phone. We are very happy and absolutely recommend Pescatore Seafood Co."

Leonardo C. New York, NY

"Delicious seafood delivered on time!"

Joan L. New York, NY

"Good products, would purchase again, thanks."

Gaspar M. New York, NY

"Wonderful! Thank you so much!"

Julie T. New York, NY

"Super easy and fast delivery. Thanks"

Rob S. New York, NY

"The delivery person was awesome !!! Sent me a text to check that I received my order!!"

Josie L. New York, NY

"Excellent service. EXCELLENT QUALITY SEAFOOD. Thank you."

Debra P. New York, NY

"Great food and great service"

Maureen S. New York, NY

"Fantastic! Thank you very much!"

Jennifer M. New York, NY


Shalini I. New York, NY

"Order delivered on time and complete"

Roni B. New York, NY

"Great quality!"

Sean T. New York, NY

"Delivered quickly, accurately, on time and with a phone follow-up call to ensure I had the delivery. Thank you."

Douglas K.

"Wonderful selection-- so happy!"

Christine N. New York, NY

"Wonderful delivery on time. Just what I wanted."

Martha W. New York, NY

"So good! Thank you for the free yummy tuna salad and dijon mustard! So nice :)"

Nicci R. New York, NY

"I love this place!!"

Amanda B. New York, NY

"The seafood was fresh and delicious"

Clare P. New York, NY


Irwin W. New York, NY

"Food and delivery were great. But Mercatos $10 off special was a bait and switch. The code didn’t work!"

Nancy H. New York, NY

"My order came just as Mercato said it would - timely and all there and the food is delicious. Thank you."

Wendy P. New York, NY

"I ordered wild cod and gefilte fish. The order came on time and the cod was surprisingly fresh. It was my first shopping with Mercato and it was a pleasure."

Dora I. New York, NY

"Great service and great fish"

Deborah R. New York, NY

"Always fresh and tasty!"

Lisa F. New York, NY

"This was my second order with Pescatore and now will be a regular order. Fish is fresh and delicious. Delivery within the time slot."

Brenda P. New York, NY

"So great to try a new market, and the quality was 5 star. Thanks for delivering during the crisis."

Erik K. New York, NY

"We initially had an issue and they quickly made it right. Thank you so much"

Maureen S. New York, NY

"All went smoothly and I received everything to the quality I expected."

Christiane F. New York, NY

"Excellent fish excellent service"

Roberta A. New York, NY

"Called about lateness were very kind"

Masha M. New York, NY

"It came timely and the quality was very good"

Gabrielle S. New York, NY

"Awesome product and quick delivery! I even had a little smiley face on my packaging. Be safe and thank you for providing this service during this challenging time!"

Michelle T. New York, NY

"Thank you so much for delivering my orders."

Kana K. New York, NY

"Excellent. Fresh fish and other prepared foods. Plus Pescatore store sent me some gratis soup as I’m now a return customer... fish and veg are my go for Covid weight loss diet—using this time to avoid all fattening temptations!"

Nancy H. New York, NY

"Great quality"

Henry K. New York, NY

"Absolutely amazing this is the best seafood in New York City and the guys that work there are the friendliest most lovely people you will ever meet could not recommend this place more highly!!!"

Anne H. New York, NY

"So happy to get fresh fish delivered in these unusual times... the order came at just the right hour ! Thank you! NH. NYC"

Nancy H. New York, NY

"So happy with my order!"

Leigh S. New York, NY

"Amazing personalized service. This team is the BEST. Absolutely 5 stars!!!"

Arthur E. New York, NY

"Very prompt and beautiful fresh crab meat. I was expecting smoked salmon to be alices by store, not in a package. Photo should have shown the packaging. But overall, a good job by Pescatore in Grand Central. Will use them again"

Janet M. New York, NY

"Superior service. 1 hiccup but fixed immediately"

Stephen P. New York, NY

"Delivery was prompt, quality of items I ordered excellent! My new go-to for home delivery!"

Brenda P. New York, NY

"Shockingly great service. Unbelievably competent and efficient!!! It’s all the more remarkable getting such excellent service during the present coronavirus. THANK YOU!!"

Marianne R. New York, NY

"Pescatore seafood is excellent best seafood in city with the nicest staff could not ask for more. Had a terrible situation with the Makato delivery service and the kind stop at Pescatore fixed everything for me these guys are amazing"

Anne H. New York, NY

"Pescatore Seafood continues to deliver excellent food. Please bring back the mini lobsters"

Jennie R. New York, NY

"Love the fresh seafood...good folks who are focused on the customer. Thanks"

Todd L. New York, NY

"Great food"

Irwin W. New York, NY"

"My order received was perfect"

Irwin W. New York, NY

"Always fresh and delicious foods. Great customer service."

Robert H. New York, NY

"Top quality, as usual!!"

Lois W. New York, NY

"Perfect! The sesame tuna was excellent as appetizers. I cut them up, mixed the Asian sesame ginger sauce, served them on sesame rice crackers, with whiff of wasabi mayo- everybody loved them!"

Erlinda N. New York, NY

"I love clams"

Jonathon S. New York, NY

"All perfect"

Laurena T. New York, NY

"Fresh and delicious as always"

Lisa S. New York, NY

"On time. Good food."

Irene W. New York, NY

"The fresh soft shell crabs were excellent! And service was very friendly. The order even came with a reusable cooler!"

Erlinda N. New York, NY

"The spring rolls was good and nicely presented."

Brandy R. New York, NY

"On time. Food is delicious. Thank you!!"

Michael N. New York, NY

"Top quality fresh and prepared seafood. Always well packaged. Great customer service."

Robert H. New York, NY


Elaine P. New York, NY

"Order arrived on time and the order was just what I had expected."

Patricia W. New York, NY

"excellent tuna"

Elliot K. New York, NY

"On time. Extrmely delicious order. Thank you!!!"

Michael N. New York, NY

"My order was very punctual and delicious.Thhank you!!!"

Michael N. New York, NY

"Everything arrived on tine and in good condition. Grateful for delivery in sweltering weather."

Elisa S. New York, NY