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coho salmon
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a cut in half on a white surface

The Alaska "Trifecta"


3 lbs of the Wild Wild West as we like to say....

(Salmon - Halibut - Cod)

1 Lb Trays of 8 oz portions

1 lb - Center cut Halibut portions

1 lb - Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets

1 lb - Bering Sea Cod 

Chef Adam cooking tip:

These fish items are very special - All wild-caught which means they feed on a very special diet of nothing that is man-made! When I cook these products I have a simple cooking technique - 5 ingredients or LESS!  We let the fish speak for themselves. Here is my list of ingredients.

1. Salt

2. Pepper

3. Herbs

4. Dry White Wine

5. Finish with infused olive oil or a touch of butter

Fancy sauces can save for beef!

Feeds 8 people

Cost per Serving = $16.00 delivered

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