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Wild Oceans Kitchen

Born out of necessity, the need for fantastic Seafood meal prep and education seemed like a natural void the market was thirsty for quenching! Being our Corporate Chef and one of our founding partners I am always asked, “Hey, how do I cook this fantastic Sea Bass, I would hate to ruin it.” That is a fantastic question and one that prompted me to spend the time to create Wild Oceans Kitchen.

My approach Is a little different than most meal kit delivery services because not only am I the Chef / Partner / Visionary, I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and I have been a Fishmonger for 30+ years. When these two disciplines collide the end, result is going to be a seafood experience of epic proportion, and something I have been dreaming about doing for years.

What to expect in your kit from the product side…that’s an easy question to answer

  • Wild, All Natural or Sustainable Seafood Products from my fisherman family of friends
  • All Certified Organic Produce
  • All Certified Organic Grocery Ingredients
  • All Gluten Free Ingredients where applicable (just because I like using them)

Like a computer: good stuff in = good stuff out

With some really easy to follow recipes I have tested over 30 years my hope is to make my new friends GREAT seafood chefs and give everyone a newfound confidence when cooking the most delicious seafood product!

So, let’s start this journey together

All Aboard the SS Wild Oceans Kitchen

Chef Adam

CIA ‘86

PCQI Certified